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GELILA INTERNATIONAL SEMINARY is a non-profit organization licensed by the Ethiopian Government- Ministry of Peace in 2007G.C.

GELILA INTERNATIONAL SEMINARY offers programs which are highly spirit filled and are geared towards equipping and empowering leaders who will change their nation and the world at large.

Our courses are relevant to the 21st Century leaders, Business men, counselors and social workers, and are an effective aid to the development of all Christian believers in Ethiopia.


Experienced and well matured board members who leads Gelila. 


By the grace of God, the vision of Gelila International seminary is to transform the spiritual climate of Ethiopia and beyond by preparing increasing numbers of highly disciplined, professionally-competent persons for ministry and the country at large.

Gelila international Seminary will be one of significant growth in the richness of its educational programs, the breadth of its impact, and the strength of its organizational resources.

Gelila international seminary will become recognized as a large-sized, multi-denominational, multi-ethnic seminary whose facility are gifted teachers and Scholars, whose students are being transformed in a dynamic and supportive learning community, and whose graduates embody and  articulate.


The mission of Gelila International Seminary is to educate, equip and train men and women for the work of the ministry and our country, Ethiopia. We believe that our seminary will bring impact on the development of the country by transferring key knowledge and transferring the key factors for the success of once life, ministry and the country.

Our Teachers


Our courses are relevant to the 21st Century leaders, Business men, counselors and social workers, and are an effective aid to the development of all Christian believers in Ethiopia.

By the department of Christian Leadership and management, we prepare Christian leaders for Christian service.
By the department of Christian Business Administration, We prepare Christian Business persons for the church and country as well.
By the department of Christian Social work, we prepare social workers for the society who will exercise the character and good work of our lord Jesus Christ.
By the department of Christian Counseling Psychology, We prepare Christian counselors for the current church in which divorce and separation, adultery, money loving, and ethical problems are much seen.
Deepen their love and commitment to the authority of the Word of God, dedication to Jesus Christ as Lord, and sense of responsibility toward the Great Commission.
Gain a fuller knowledge of the Word of God, the Christian faith, themselves and other people and the world around them.
Cultivate a deeper appreciation for a biblical sense of values, God’s plan for their lives, spiritual cultural, national heritage, and privileges and responsibilities as a believer living in contemporary society.
Develop habits consistent with mature Christian character and cultivating appreciation for the standards of the College and its Christian position.
Improve the ability to think logically and effectively; understand and evaluate the thoughts of others; engage in independent research; and integrate all knowledge and experience into a Christian worldview.
Grow in understanding and appreciation for various Christian ministries and gaining the knowledge and skills needed to enter the ministry in which they believe God is leading them.

Staff Members

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Gelila Professional Counsels

Dr. Ayele Woelore

Dr. Ayele Woelore

Gelila Professional Counsel
General Secretary

Dr. Teshale Sebro

Dr. Teshale Sebro

Gelila Professionals Counsel President

Dr. Gelila Zegeye

Dr. Gelila Zegeye

Gelila Professional Counsel

Dr. Birru Zewdie

Dr. Birru Zewdie

Gelila Professional Counsel
Vice President

Our Best Programs

Our courses are relevant to the 21st Century leaders, Business men, counselors and social workers, and are an effective aid to the development of all Christian believers in Ethiopia.

The Doctor of philosophy Program offers Leaders and ministers an opportunity for professional and personal growth. It is a postgraduate qualification which exposes the post graduate student to advanced coursework and dissertation with the focus on large corporate organizations and Mega institutions.

This course is designed for leaders and higher position specialists to expand their knowledge, good judgment, skills, attitude and experience and examine a large Christian organizational problem in depth.

The program has advanced concepts for each disciplines.. Students will become conversant in best organizational practices, understand how to do applied research, and implement strategic thinking to impact their own ministry context. The program includes an integral field-based component that provides students with an opportunity to develop or create bold new leadership endeavors that will have practical impact on ministry.

This program equip the student to integrate Christian principles into critical thinking and decision-making in one’s personal and/or professional life; and also Give the student a working knowledge to meet the needs of diverse audiences/targeted age groups and organizational settings; Equip the student the practice of leadership and management, counseling and social work.

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